Hey there! I'm Akkyomi, or Akkyo, or just Akky, whatever floats your boat.

And I remember a time — a better time, a time when anyone with a dream, an Internet connection, and a copy of Adobe Flash could whip up a game and share their creativity with the rest of the world.

That time has passed, sadly, and with it most of the games that molded my and many others' formative years. A moment of silence for the death of Flash, if you will. But as we humans are prone to do, we carry on, despite tragedy! Just because Flash is dead doesn't mean we have to be! So, with the power of HTML5 and Javascript (unfortunately), I strive to keep on making the browser games I still love to this day!

When I get around to making them, you'll find mostly dress-up games, dollmakers, and decorate-a-scene games on this site, as they're all my favorites to play. Flash games inspired me to pursue both art and programming into my adulthood, and I want everyone in turn to experience the sheer, unadulterated joy that comes from dragging and dropping a piece of pixelated clothing.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy your time here.

Now, take me to the games! 🡆